How Our Beginner Course Works

A glimpse into our brain-friendly, hassle-free perks

Remember Characters for Life

Speed Mandarin incorporates fun, captivating pictograms that explains the strokes in a fun and cheerful way, causing you to learn the character fast! On the right, 吃 (to eat) depicts a mouth, a sushi train (sushi-go-round), and a man who ate all the sushi.

Learn Pronunciation Effortlessly

For every Mandarin character, we provide the closest soundalike English. For example, 我 (I/me) is pronounced “wo", which sounds like “war”. Therefore, “我 say no war!”

Read Up!

Our books are superb to do revision with. We also provide both literal and accurate English translations for you, along with practical examples of everyday conversation. The font is huge and comfortable for your eyes and brain too!

Quiz Up!

Our quizzes will turn what you've learned into long term memory. Designed to challenge you whilst guiding you at the same time, you'll surely eventually succeed with a perfect score of 100%.

Why try Speed Mandarin?


We’ve done our research for you and developed proven brain-friendly techniques that will help you learn the language like a child—easily yet effectively.


Conventional methods used in most materials to teach Mandarin just don’t cut it and make learning difficult and frustrating. But do not fear! With our methods, learning will be a breeze.

Practical and fun

Our material is very fun and very practical at the same time. After you have a great time learning, you would have picked up some super useful Mandarin skills that can be applied immediately to your daily life!

Really works!

Mandarin, as you may know, is infamous for being difficult, but don’t worry. Speed Mandarin really works! After you’ve learned Mandarin with us, your friends will wonder how you did it in such a short time.

Benefits of our program

You learn super fast

With our unconventional, creative, and effective methods, you will surely learn at a blazing fast speed.

You save 1000's of hours

Our methods that effectively impart the language into your memory, so you don’t have to waste time learning, relearning, and re-relearning, all over again!

You learn easily

Do you ever wonder how a child always picks up their first language easily, no matter how hard it is? Now, we are going to make you learn it as easily as a child.

You’ll remember it

After going through Speed Mandarin, the language will be superglued to your memory. Good luck forgetting it.

Pricing & Enrolment


  • Full Beginner's Course
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  • All 22 Units
  • 43 Chinese characters
  • 250+ practical sentence examples
  • Converse with all characters taught
  • MP3 and PDF downloads for all 22 Units
  • Multiply your intuition toward Mandarin
  • Premium Facebook Group access
  • Personal instructor assistance
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime access


  • Full Beginner's Course
    Plus extras
  • Everything in "Full Beginner's Course”
  • Plus:
  • A one-hour Skype session with Grace
  • List of 900+ vocabs & idioms
  • Power-packed pinyin chart
  • Premium Facebook Group access
  • Personal instructor assistance
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime access