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Speed Mandarin

Speed Mandarin’s roots go back to 2004. After the founder, Grace Khoong, did research on the human brain, she realized there was an easier way to learn Mandarin, and started developing Speed Mandarin, a revolutionary Mandarin learning system.

The purpose of Speed Mandarin is to teach people Mandarin in the fastest and easiest way possible, regardless of race, ethnicity, or background!

It is built on brain-based principles to optimize learning speed. Our system has been proven effective by our many students who pick up the language with ease and little effort.

Grace Khoong, founder

Grace Photo for Speed MandarinGrace Khoong is a dedicated and charismatic trainer, filled with fun, energy, and warmth. She gets learners to learn Mandarin so easily that they can’t thank her enough.

Truly, her program is highly effective due to her character as a passionate and dedicated researcher. She makes sure that her researches yield results based on scientific principles.

In fact, Grace is a graduate in Biochemistry (minoring in nutrition). Her final year project on Cultivation and Analysis of Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi Mushroom) was awarded the Best Biochemistry Project of the Year in Universiti PutraMalaysia.

It was featured in newspapers such as the Star, New Straits Times, Sin Chew Daily, Nan Yang Siang Pao, China Press, and a few agricultural magazines.

image GraceLingZhi1

grace-hat-croppedWhen Grace noticed that the teaching system for Mandarin as a second language lacks flexibility and simplicity, she started developing a system that was easy, effective, fast, and fun!

After the development, the system has been tested by many learners, who have found it to be truly effective.

Not only is she skilled in Lingzhi and Mandarin research, but she has also done well in brain-development research for children too.

After her first child, Gloson Teh, was born, she trained him up as an all-rounder, multitalented genius whom the Prime Minister of Malaysia called to meet in 2009.

To train Gloson, Grace used all her knowledge on brain mechanism, genetic influences, psychology, nutrition, physical aspects of the human body, and environmental factors that influence the learning process and the well-being of humans.

Grace’s Credentials:

1991 Biochemistclip_image002· Cultivation and analysis of Ganoderma lucidum, thesis project· Awarded “Best Biochemistry Project of the Year” in Universiti Putra Malaysia.· Receipient of Lavoiser Award (for top biochemistry students)

· Dean’s List student

· Studied French and Japanese (also photography, psychology, and marketing), and experienced that using English alphabets to study a second or third language is not really a good method

1992-1998 Trainer and Speaker· Spoke on nutritional products for various direct selling companies· Within 6 months, acquired 2,000 members in her network in COSWAY (1996)· Appointed by David Ho from Hovid as 001 to set up a new direct selling company (1998)
1999-Present Children Brain Science Researcher & Teacher· Started developing whole brain learning programs.· Used her program to teach her son Gloson, who consequently gained press attention for being giftedimage

. Scientific Researcher

· Studied brain mechanisms

· Devises the methodology of learning a second language based on her knowledge on brain mechanism

· Evaluates the result of the methodology used

*Even Mandarin professors wouldn’t be able to create a brain-based program because they are not equipped with brain mechanism knowledge. In Malaysia, courses related to children are merely Early Childhood Education offered at certificate and diploma; started around 2004. The courses do not study brain mechanism in children or adults in detail. So, brain mechanism is a scarce knowledge for Malaysians.

2000-2004 Children Brain Science Researcher & TeacherHere is the list of the modules Grace used to teach children aged 1-6:1. Alpha wave brain stimulation2. Visualization

3. ESP (extrasensory perception)

4. Creative thinking

5. Music mastery

6. Mind mapping

7. Linking memory

8. Photographic memory

9. Imagination

10. Speed listening

11. IQ test and left brain training

12. Genius Mandarin

13. Genius phonics

2000 · Opened a home-based whole brain learning centre in Ipoh, Perak, where she teached and imparted right and left brain techniques to children
2001 · Opened a whole brain learning centre in Pandan Jaya, Kuala Lumpurimage
2002-2004 · Opened a whole brain learning centre in Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor· Created and sold flashcards VCDs to COSWAY (M) SDN BHD to teach vocabulary to children and stimulate their right brainimage
2003 Speaker On Whole Brain Learning· Gave talks on whole brain learning in the office of Nanyang Siang Pau
2004-Present Mandarin Teacher· Started to research and develop Speed Mandarin after some parents encouraged her to teach their children Mandarin· Used all her knowledge and experience on brain mechanism and the whole brain learning process to develop the best system there is· Taught many students, whatever race, ethnicity, or background, to learn Mandarin successfully in the shortest time (Watch her students read Mandarin)



Gloson, co-founder

Gloson's 2015 Profile Pic

Gloson’s Credentials

2007-Present Poet· Started writing poetry at age 9 (2007)· Published two books of poetry, “Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids” and “Creative Row Your Boats”, in 2009 (age 11). They have been received well by primary schools and were distributed nationwide by the National Libraries of Malaysia; they are also available on Amazon)image

· Was officially recognized as the Youngest Published Poet at 11 years old (2009 Malaysia Book of Records)

· First poetry book featured by American author Claudia Broome during Read Across America Day (March 2, 2010)

· Performed a poem in front of the Prime Minister and the First Lady of Malaysia


· Featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, and TV & radio interviews for his work in poetry


· Has given poet visits (inspirational speeches and poetry performances) to 5 primary schools, in order to inspire kids to achieve their dreams


· Invited by INTI International University to perform poetry at LEO Club Charity Night (2012)

· Appointed writer in NST’s School Times (2012-2013)

· Awarded the Best Poem at NST’s 3rd Young Writer’s Awards (2013)

· Poem “I Do Not Want To Be a Fish” published in an Irish educational textbook for primary schoolchildren.

2007-Present Web manager· In 2007, started experimenting and developing http://wholebrainlearning.net· Managed and maintained the hosting for his websites (http://glosonblog.com, http://poetrytalents.com, https://www.speedmandarin.org, http://wholebrainlearning.net)· Fluent in FTP and MySQL interfaces

· Able to develop and design using HTML with CSS on WordPress

· Utilizes Google Adwords to advertise Speed Mandarin (2013)

2008-2011 Blogger (http://glosonblog.com)· Started at the age of 10 (top youngest blogger in the world; since 2008; according to http://youngestblogger.com, pic)image

· Won the 1st prize, an Acer Laptop, in a knock-out quiz contest, beating all the adults, at “PJ Challenge ’09: Bloggers ‘K’arnival” organized by Kaspersky Lab

· Featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, and blogs for his work in blogging.


· 1st Runner Up, Juniors Category for the Blog4FT competition (2010)

· Averaged 4,466 visitors per month, according to Google Analytics

· Attracted up to over 100 comments per post

· Managed and customized using the WordPress platform

2009-Present Social media Influencer(http://twitter.com/Gloson, http://facebook.com/GlosonThePoet; http://facebook.com/GlosonBlog)· Generated more than 11,000 tweets and 5,000 followers on Twitter· Attracted up to over 100 comments per post

· Has gained more than 738 likes on Facebook for both his Facebook pages

· Posted his photography on Flickr; attracted up to 20 comments for each photo (2009-2011)

Graphic designer

· Illustrated own poetry books “Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids” & “ Creative Row Your Boats” using Adobe Photoshop (2009)

· image Designed the flyer for Ziggy, a multipurpose file folder invented by his Form 5 friends from Victoria Instituion; they won the best innovation award at a science conference in Singapore (2011)

· Animated book trailer for “Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids” gaining more than 11,000 views on YouTube and generating sales on Amazon (2013)

· Created the new and modern design for the Speed Mandarin website (2013)


· Acted out all the poems from his first poetry book, “Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids”, and made it into a DVD (2009)

· International champion for Once Upon a Twice Youtube Recitation Contest (2009)

· Co-hosted Kembara@Kids on 2, TV2. (2010-2011)

2010-Present Student· Achieved 5A’s in UPSR (2010)· Achieved the No. 1 Highest Average Score of 95.2% in his form (2011)· Received the Explementary Role Model award (2011)

· Emcee for school’s awards night at age 13, with students of 6-20 years of age (2011)

· Achieved a score of 1670 on the SAT Reasoning Test at age 14 (2012)

· Accepted into Ravensbourne University London because of his prolific achievements and works (2012)

Filmmaker and video editor

image · Has a Youtube channel

· Produced short film “The Highest Skyscraper on Earth” in 2010 (film; making-of)

· Edited infomercial for fuel additive company MyGreenOil in 2011

· Produced book trailer for “Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids” in 2013

· clip_image002[1]Produced a video with green screen, background music, etc to apply to Ravensbourne University London

· Created a Youtube channel for his brother’s hip hop dancing

· Created a Youtube channel for his friend’s comedic acts

Musician and composer

· Has a Soundcloud page featuring his musical works

· Self-learned the piano

· clip_image002[3]Composed and sung “Kita 1Malaysia”, a song to promote Malaysian unity; 2010)

· Composes music for orchestra

· Scored music for videos and films, such as his DVD of poems, his short film “The Highest Skyscraper on Earth”, his application video for Ravensbourne, and his poetry book trailer.

· Original orchestral composition to be played in the 4th UiTM – klpac Malaysian Composers Concert Series 2013 (Nov 30 – 1 Dec 2013)

A more comprehensive list: http://glosonblog.com/storage/GlosonsProfile.pdf (61.7 MB)

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